Did you know that Snapchat is one of the most popular apps among millennials? Primarily driven by instant photo and video sharing, Snapchat is a growing communication hub.

Relying on quick snippets of attention, with photos and videos only lasting between 1-10 seconds, Snapchat is an ideal platform for quick bursts of attention. While Snapchat may not be the largest social network, it is certainly capturing the attention.

Discover 3 reasons why your business should be on Snapchat.

Capture Undivided Attention

If you’ve ever wanted to capture the undivided attention of users, Snapchat is the place to be. While there is no such thing as pure “undivided” attention online, Snapchat is about as close as you can get. Every photo and video is displayed on an individual basis, allowing users to truly take in the photo. In addition, Snapchat users know that snaps will only be available for a few seconds; thus, they are more likely to pay attention to what they are being shown. Morale of the story? Snapchat is a sure fire way to capture attention, even if it is only for a few seconds.

Maximize User Engagement

Have you ever wanted a way to find a way to get users to engage with your brand? If so, Snapchat could be the perfect choice. Snapchat is a social platform that relies heavily on interaction, it is no a one-way communication channel. Brands who are successful when it comes to Snapchat marketing are able to engage and interact with users in a way that feels completely natural to the platform. For instance, consider this example from Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew leveraged the influence of Snapchat to promote the launch of new flavors for their Kickstart Morning Drink. The day before the Super Bowel, Mountain Dew released their Snapchat story, asking users to tell what they think should happen next. The results? Mountain Dew crushed it in the best way possible.



Reach Your Target Audience

Is your small business primarily targeting users between the ages of 18-24? If so, you may want to consider making a Snapchat account for your business immediately. Primarily a younger demographic, Snapchat is ideal for reaching millennials. While there are certainly some older users on the platform as well, the overwhelming majority is under the age of 25, which can be an incredible asset depending upon your target audience.

Snapchat offers an overwhelming amount of opportunity for forward-thinking businesses. With very few businesses fully taking advantage of the platform, marketing on Snapchat has never looked quite so attractive.

Note: Featured image via Accomplice