If you are in business, then you are most definitely looking for ways to sell your products and services.  Gone are the days when people only had one or two options.  Now, the market is saturated with similar products and services that have slight variations, and consumers are unsure of which is right for them.  Having a likable advertisement is no guarantee that you will achieve your sales goals; however, it remains true that brand loyalty is a powerful influence when it comes to making a purchase.  People buy what they know, like and trust.
Content marketing is an increasingly popular way to get consumers to know, like and trust you.  Content marketing is creating and sharing valuable, free content that educates your target market with the intent of turning them into customers.  If done well, content marketing has the potential to attract consumers and convince them to purchase what you have to offer.
Know You – At its most basic level, content marketing is meant to educate the public about who you are.  It shares information such as who, what, where, how, why and when.  When people know you, they start to form an opinion about you, and that opinion will direct their purchasing power.
Like You – As people come to discover who you are, it is important that they decide to like you.  One of the best ways to achieve this end is to tell your stories via content marketing.  When people are given an insider’s glance into your world, when they can empathize with your situation, when they see themselves somehow fitting into your world, their hearts will open up to you, giving you the opportunity to enter in.
Trust You – When a person chooses to open up to you, they do so in faith.  In the faith that you won’t hurt them.  In the faith that you won’t betray them.  Thus, as you continue to develop your content marketing, you can’t let your audience down.  You have to be consistent in your message and always tell the truth.  Once someone gets to the point of trust, the purchase is almost guaranteed.
As you work to build brand loyalty, as you strategize how to sell your products and services, let content marketing lead the way.  Use it as a means to get people to know you, like you and trust you.  It’s not a trick tactic or sneaky maneuver.  It’s letting people into your world so they can choose you and what you have to offer.