Are you looking for a way to increase the traffic to your website?

Well, believe it or not, Pinterest may be one of the first places that you’ll want to start! Pinterest offers an incredible platform for helping you grow your audience and increase your reach. Find out how you can start maximizing your leverage when it comes to social media marketing on Pinterest.

1.) Select High Quality Images

When it comes down to it, Pinterest is all about the images. Put simply, higher quality images are going to receive more clicks and re-pins. Many users turn to Pinterest for the visuals, and in many ways, it makes this platform a sort of virtual and personal magazine. However, you’ll want to keep in mind that Pinterest users are bombarded with a plethora of images. If your goal is to drive traffic to your website, then you’ll need to post images that are deemed worthy of being clicked on, and competition can get fierce. Be sure to load up your boards with high quality images that represent your business and brand. Also, don’t be afraid of using info-graphics either, some reports show that users are more likely to click on or re-pin info graphics than other types of media.

2.) Start Engaging within the Community

Just like with any other social platform, Pinterest relies heavily upon engagement. The more the you start engaging with your followers, the more likely they are too move forward in the buying cycle. AKA they actually start visiting your site and turning into real customers. However, this process doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll need to start interacting with your followers, and this can be done in a few different manners. Start out by pinning consistently, this helps to ensure that your pin actually get seen rather than lost in the feed. In addition, you’ll also want to be sure to repin other content, especially from other influencers within your industry, or even some of your follower’s content if it’s relevant. The main takeaway here is to develop an active presence. Simply having an account alone will not do very much for you. Take the time to invest in social media marketing on Pinterest if you really want to foster a sense of community.

3.) Make Pinning Simple

As with a lot of things in life, you need to keep it simple. Don’t make pinning any more difficult than it needs to be. Optimize your website for pinning, allowing users to instantly pin any image or product that they see from your website. People aren’t likely to jump through hoops just to pin something from your website, in fact, chances are pretty unlikely that it will even happen. Create an incentive to pin by making your site “pin-friendly” from the get go. It’s a relatively simple process and it can really help you create the traffic results that you’re looking for. After all, what’s better than users coming straight to your website and letting you know what their favorite products or services are?

Pinterest is home to a diverse and thriving community. Are you taking advantage of it? While Pinterest isn’t the right choice for every business, it can be a great choice for some.

What do you think when it comes to Pinterest? Have you found it be helpful for your business?