word cloud - branding

As a business owner I often find myself networking with other business owners and discussing their branding. Many people know the jist of branding, but most have no idea why it’s truly important. Many business owners think that if they put their logo on all of their stuff, they’re branding. This couldn’t be more wrong! The reason branding agencies such as Blue Label Hosting exist is because the aforementioned mentality is wrong. Your logo is a good start, don’t get me wrong; but what about the customers overall experience. When you have finally captured that potential client either online, tv, radio, etc. you need to ensure the customer experiences the same thing throughout your marketing, sales pitch and finally checkout.

Let’s take a look at Apple, Inc. Apple’s marketing is generally very simple and very clean. Apple’s products are very simple and clean. Have you ever ordered a product from Apple? It’s not hard at all! They ask some basic questions, and have your computer shipped immediately! Companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft are perfect examples of how to brand your company. All of Microsoft’s marketing is consistent and they aim on the practical side. Microsoft’s marketing is a story of how their tablets are practical in anyone’s everyday life. Microsoft Office is the “go to” software for businesses because Microsoft is consistent when they find their target audience from running commercials, their website and of course their checkout and support.

Now let’s get back to the point shall we? As a business owner you need to not only streamline your process but you need to ensure you are providing a consistent experience. Take note from a branding agency, your brochures, website, commercials, blog posts and business cards need to provide a consistent experience for your customers. You can of course ask questions in the comments section or contact us and we’d love to help out with your branding.