In today’s modern world a business needs to have an online presence. The most common and popular way is to have a .com or .net domain name (i.e. ). As a business if you do not have an online presence specifically a website with an easily recognizable domain name, you are missing out on a massive percent of people who are in general looking up your business or service. To have a strong and efficient online presence every business should have the following:

  • Great domain name (i.e. ). The domain helps users easily remember your address, as well as to help be found in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).
  • Modern Website, many people have a website from late 90’s early 2000’s however, times have changed, users have changed. Websites need to change as well. I have clients who have had a website for 14 years, or are an international company with a single page that still need to update their websites. Most, once updated, dramatically increase their search engine presence, attracting new users or are simply more user friendly with new “things” to help keep the user coming back.
  • Search Engine Optimization, this is in shortly online marketing. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the practice of helping a website rank on Google and other search engines. The higher the website ranks, the more users it will attract. Over 70% of users on Google do not go past the first page. over 60% of those users do not even scroll, they click on the first links and that’s it.
  • Mobile app, Mobile app’s are important for any business as many users are becoming mobile. Having a website is nice, ensuring it works on a mobile device is great. Having a mobile app for your customers is best. A mobile app ensures users have your brand on their phone and keeps them coming back, and you can view statistics regarding behavior. A mobile app unlike the other things above is usually a high dollar investment with most mobile apps starting at $2,000.

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