One of the biggest challenges small business face today is the struggle to receive payments in a timely manner from customers. As a business owner you strive to provide excellent service to your customers, however, you may soon discover that the reality of receiving payments can be more than challenging at times.  According to the Wall Street Journal’s Article, “Mobile Payments Brighten Cash Flow for Small Business” by Angus Loten, nearly 45% of 1,000 small-business owners cited “not getting paid on time by clients and customers. This is an astonishingly high proportion of small business owners who are lagging behind in their received payments.So what can you do to improve these problem areas within your own business?

The answer is both simple and effective, the creation of a mobile website for your business.A primary benefit of these technologies, many business owners say, is that sales are converted into cash inflows, within a day. Through the development of a mobile website for your company you can not only improve the speed upon which you are receiving payments, but also improve the overall accessibility of your company to your clients. This dual benefit is one that can enhance not only your profits, but also expand your marketing demographics. With the proportion of customers accessing content virtually rapidly rising, the decision to go mobile can be a highly effective, particularly for those owners of small businesses.

According to Denée Carrington, an analyst at Forrester Research, the number of small service firms using mobile devices to accept payments has “taken off like wildfire” as improved technology and greater convenience are making consumers—and businesses—more comfortable with the idea of paying their bills on smartphones and other devices.

Mobile websites are the future. As a small business owner you strive to keep up with competition and portray your business as the optimal choice. Businesses who choose to stay behind in technology are doing exactly that, lagging behind in their competitive edge. Stay ahead of the curve, join the other millions of small business owners who have taken their company to the next level through the development of a mobile website.

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