It is nearly impossible today to not see someone using their mobile device. The reality is that as technology increases, the number of smart phone users will steadily rise. With prices dropping significantly over the past few years, it is becoming much more plausible for even the average consumer to have a high tech smart phone. With this growing technology comes the need for apps, particularly mobile apps. Consider the following top business mobile apps and see how you can accelerate you business.


A mobile app created by Bump Technologies Inc is essentially a virtual business card. This app allows users to upload information such as their contact info, picture, and even social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The beauty of this app is it allows users to easily swap information with their contacts. This app eliminates the need to have a constant stack of business cards on hand. Perhaps the best part of this app though is its price, these all in one features come at the high cost of nothing! This mobile app is free and is available to both Android and iOS users, so no need to worry if you can utilize this app with others who do not share your same preference in mobile devices.

TripIt Traveling

Trips always seem to be hassle. Organizing all the details can quickly become a headache even for the well traveled. Luckily, there is an app available to meet all of your traveling needs. To use this app, simply forward your booking information to After this quick step, the app takes care of the rest. TripIT will organize your plans and then share them with your specified contacts. This app can allow users to easily share schedules and travel plans, it even offers users the choice to personalize their itineraries with weather forecasting, maps, and even directions. The app is free for both Android and iOS, however if users wish to update to the pro version they will be looking at a $40.00fee for individuals per year or a $29.00 a month fee for businesses.

Sales CRM EZi

This app is specifically designed for tracking and forecasting sales. This app allows users to tack their sales opportunities and leads. Users can enter their monthly target, which will appear in the app as a red horizontal line. In addition, users can enter their commission percentage, making it even easier to calculate potential profits. Currently this app is only available to iPhone users and it  comes at a fairly low one time cost of $9.99.

Fuze Meeting

Video conferencing has become increasingly more popular and this app takes care of all your mobile based conferencing needs. This all in one app allows users to not only video chat with multiple individuals, but also allots the opportunity to share and edit content directly. The app’s browser is based on screen sharing tools. The basic version is free, the premium version for individuals is $17.00 per month, $39.00 per month for businesses, and $69.00 for enterprises.

With a multitude of  apps designed specifically for businesses, it is crucial for individuals to get on board and go “virtual”. Technology is the future and has become increasingly intertwined with business processes and tools. Contact Blue Label Hosting today to see how we can design a customized mobile app for you business.