Social Media, it’s a topic that just about everyone has heard of at this point, unless you’ve been living under a rock that is, and if that’s case, we’re sorry, that’s pretty unfortunate. Maybe it’s time to move? All jokes aside, social media has become a hot topic lately and for good reason.

However, as much as social media has been in the news, there are still far too many businesses just brushing it off. These businesses are often under the assumption that this whole social media thing will “go away” or that it is simply something not worth spending their time on. After all, your marketing budget needs to go much more important things. Why social media marketing? What could it possibly offer that could be more valuable than other more traditional forms of advertising? It is far more logical to invest in practical things like Television or Radio ads. Proven tactics that lead to real results, not this “social stuff”. Social media is just for the kids and startups, right?

Wrong. Dead wrong. If you’ve ever had any of these thoughts, then keep reading. I’m here to convince you that not only is social media important for your business, it’s vital. In fact, businesses that aren’t using some form of social media can pretty much say goodbye to future success. Sound a bit bold? Good, it is. Find out why your business needs to be bold and take initiative when it comes to social media marketing.

Attention is the Asset

When was the last time you picked up your phone? Was it an hour ago, 30 minutes ago, 5 minutes ago? Or maybe you’re even reading this on your phone right now. The point of the matter is that fancy smartphone of yours represents one very crucial fact; it’s where the attention is. People aren’t spending as many hours in front of their television or listening to the radio as they used to. With streaming services like Netflix, Pandora, and Spotify, people are now showing a clear preference for mobile. And can you blame them? You probably are too. As influencer Gary Vaynerchuk states, “Attention is the Asset”. If you’re serious about your marketing efforts (which I hope you are) then you must consider where the attention is at, and it’s social media. Skeptical? Just look at the numbers:

-2 billion people use social media worldwide

-23% of Facebook users check their accounts daily

-On average, there are over 400 million tweets being sent a day on Twitter

-Instagram gets 1000 comments per second

Social is Universal

Now you may be thinking to yourself, well that’s great and all, but that doesn’t apply to my target market. Those numbers only represent the younger generations. My business doesn’t have anything to do with millennials, so therefore, social media doesn’t matter. And, my dear friend, this is where you’re wrong again. Social isn’t just for the young whippersnappers anymore, it’s for everyone. While the type of users that each platform attracts can be drastically different, to disregard social media completely is a huge mistake. In fact, seniors using social media represent one of the fastest-growing segments!

-71% of online American adults use Facebook

-28% of online adults use Facebook

-56% of internet users ages 65 and older now use Facebook

(Source: Pew Research Center)

It’s the Present & the Future

Above all, social media does not just represent the present, it also represents the future. While platforms and preferences may change, the concept that people want to connect virtually will not change. Forward thinking businesses that embrace this change will see far more in returns than those who resist. After all, one of the most important things that you can be doing for your business is to listen and respond. While you may think one thing, your target demographic may think another. Start paying attention to the patterns and behaviors of your demographic. Where are their eyes and ears? Don’t assume, observe.

Now, this guide is not meant to scare you or intimidate you, but rather to educate you. Too many people are unaware of the sheer power that social media has in today’s world of work.

Not a social media expert?

No worries, you don’t need to be. Simply find someone who is. It’s not about trying some cool new marketing thing or jumping on a current trend, it’s about listening and responding. Your customers are social, is your business responding?

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